Santiago is one of the most captivating cities of the world. That is why it is considered one of the best tourist destination by the NatGeo magazine for this 2018. However, it is not only a relevant tour attraction, but also one of the most productive cities of our country.

Several companies have chosen Santiago as their headquarters, where integrating their team work has become one of the most important aims to improve competitiveness in the evolving markets.

SANTIAGO FREAK TOURS is not alien to this reality, thus it provides companies in Santiago and its surroundings a unique and unconventional offer. We promote teamwork, communicative strategies, so that the working environment improves by the participation of all its members. On the other hand, we also make easier the encounter between workers and the city where they work and live, through a valuable sight of our cultural local heritage. So, it represents a great opportunity for companies to show their responsibility towards valuing and promoting our city’s heritage in a fun journey full of surprises.

Te invitamos a ser parte de el desafío de conocer el lado “B” de Santiago y re- descubrir con nuestro equipo un enigmático, bohemio, histórico y cuativante Santiago.

Quality and safety are our biggest challenges, thus to ensure we provide a high standard service, we hold two important certificates provided by the SERNATUR (National Tourism Service): Quality Tourism Seal and SIGO (Organization Management Integral System) distinction.

Santiago: Lights and shadows of the city

Discover Santiago throughout this magical and mysterious tour

Walking tour through a little-known and -little-explored aspects of Santiago, concerning condemned, horrific and mysterious events, which shape its history. You will know the secrets behind each wall of the places to visit.

Santiago: Enigmas, fire and passion

Some people say our city hides great secrets, which only a fistful know. Open your eyes and get to know a hidden magical Santiago.

Walking tour by places, which are part of our history, full of extraordinary stories, spells, wicked places and haunted buildings. A deep look at the “B” side of popular places which have keep their secrets for so long.

Santiago 1973

Recalling our past to understand our present

Deep and emotional walking tour which talks about the main events which marked our country forever. It provides a real fact based perspective, with the touch of Santiago Freak Tours. You will discover what triggered the September 11th coup in 1973, going from the beginning of Popular Unity government, the coup itself (narrated minute by minute), until the early years of dictatorship.

Santiago Origenes

Recalling Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura from its early years

This walking tour reveals the foundational memories of Santiago del Nuevo Extremo (literally new extreme, name adopted as a namesake of Extremadura, Spanish city) and its secrets since the pre-hispanic civilizations, its foundation and the early years of colony. It provides an interesting view of the remains of Santiago’s different times and periods, going through its archaeology, religion, customs and folklore. By the end of this tour you will have a comprehensive notion of all the elements that made up the origin of our city.

Santiago Natural

Discover the secret of Chile’s forest and our part in the ecosystem

Half day excursion which provides a fun and meaningful visit to Parque Natural Aguas de Ramón. Here students will do environmental interpretation to have a better understanding of the inherent processes associated with the air, water and geography. We highlight the relevance of our native forest, local species and the trophic relations between them. Its main purpose is to generate awareness about our natural resources and the environment we inhabit.

Bohemian Santiago

A historical walking tour back to the nostalgic past, passing by those unforgettable settings of a vanished Santiago

This walking tour recalls the romantic times Santiago has already lost. It goes through the still visible remains of those streets full of wicked revues, variety shows, nightclubs and others. This is a journey to that old Santiaguino bohemia and its classic environment, together with its distinguished characters, anecdotes and those classic songs which were once top hits in every radio station. You will visit popular places like the “Bim Bam Bum” at the Teatro Ópera, dance shows at El Goyescas, El Pollo Dorado o Nuria and its Huambaly Orchestra.

Made to order

Our commitment is to promote and make it easier to develop a good relationship between the employees and the company, and also the company and its environment. Thus, we are focused on developing experiences base on each group unique requirements. Let’s work together to make our city a valuable source of great experiences.

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