Suerteros’ Brotherhood

Aymaras used the word surtiry (a fortune-teller), to refer to those able to predict the future of others (Van den berg, 1985). The Hulliches use the word suertero for the person able to foresee any future miss fortune and its responsible, but does not have the power to heal. Moreover, a suertero has the ability to tell where lost objects are and also why mysterious event occur (Foerster, 1985). In Chiloe, suertero refers to the person whose occupation is fortune-telling (Cardenas, 1996).

How can I become a suertero?

Very simple. You just need to participate in one of our Santiago Freak experiences.

What is the Suerteros’ brotherhood?

It is a community which will keep you updated about Santiago Freak activities and some interesting benefits.

What are those benefits?


Be an active member of the community.


Access to exclusive content.


Invitation to new Santiago Freak Experiences (mostly for free)


Special discounts.


Benefits in Santiago Freak partners such as discounts, exclusive products, etc.

Join our Suerteros' Brotherhood!